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We make scrumptious food like:

Pickled Manitoba Garlic Scapes

Available in regular or spicy. Garlic scapes are the young shoots that come up from hard necked garlic. They are crunchy, firm, aromatic, and just plain garlic nirvana.  We pickle them so that you can add them to a pizza, mix into a potato salad, or whip into an omelette. They also make a mean drink garnish.

Pickled Manitoba Cucumbers

Available in regular, gherkin size or spicy. This is a classic Ukranian style pickle with lots of Manitoba garlic and Manitoba dill.
We don’t pasteurize our pickles. That means that the naturally occurring lactobacilli have a party in the jar, adding a distinctive ‘bite’ to the pickles. They turn a regular old cucumber into a probiotic taste experience!

Pickled Manitoba Beets

Available in Golden or regular red.  Add a slice to a sandwich, a bowl to a cheese board, or just serve on their own. These tart pickles have just the right hint of sweet.

Pickled Manitoba Asparagus

Available in garlic or spicy. Our pickled asparagus adds flavour to wraps, crunch to your charcuterie platter, and can be considered the swizzle stick in your next caesar.

Manitoba Jalapeno Jelly

It’s a sweet burn. Mix into stir frys for instant flavour, add it to a grilled cheese for extra bite, use it as a glaze for pulled pork or spike your mayonnaise with it.