About us

Erin Crampton and Marc DeGagne own Crampton’s Market. When they couldn’t find locally produced  items, they started producing some themselves. They started with salsa and pickles, then started making cookies for their bakery and scratch pumpkin pies!

As the retail business grew, so did demand for their handmade foods with wholesale queries coming in! Things were getting out of control!  They needed help!


Lucky for them they had been smart enough to hire the very fine Jaycee Catt at the market.  Jaycee has a degree in culinary arts, a taste for fine food, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
A partnership was struck and Crampton Made was created.

Jaycee heads up production, gathering and leading the kitchen crew though production of everything from pickled asparagus to pressed apple cider.  Jaycee has a taste for great food, and knows her way around a commercial kitchen.

Erin and Marc handle the ingredient sourcing, logistics, accounting and test marketing the goodies to their retail customers.

Together, they make good food.